CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interview) :-

The most important advantage of the telephone interviewing is that the data collection requires shorter time. The number of households equipped with telephones has grown significantly recently. Our CATI centre is equipped with the latest technology. In the case of a smaller sample the interviewing can be performed even in one day and already the day after the data collection a preliminary report can be created. So telephone interviewing is a very good solution if quick results are needed

• Global Coverage - APAC, Europe, Middle East, Africa, LATAM, America
• Multilingual Language Capabilities- Domestic and Global using natives
• Real Time Database Access
• Trained & Skilled Interviewers
• Continuous supervision/call monitoring with strong project management skills
• QC and QA
• DATA Security
• Advanced Programming, Scripting and Data Analysis
• Predictive Dialer Facility and Random Digital Dialing Method
• Experience across various verticals- B2B and B2C
• Dedicated IT Support & VoIP