Quantitative Research Services:-

As the name suggests, Quantitative Research is aimed at interpreting numbers. Herein, data is collected from a large number of respondents and statistical techniques like correlation, logistic regression, normative data and key driver analysis and more are deployed to gather findings. Most often, used to corroborate results of qualitative research findings, quantitative research follows a rather structured investigation format. At HARD Market Research Services key quantitative research techniques are personal interviews, mail and telephonic surveys and studies like employees' satisfaction and loyalty, pricing, brand awareness, identity and image, distribution, segmentation, customer satisfaction, competition, product and brand positioning and more. Larger samples are aimed for specific interpretations.

• Product Testing
• Concept Testing
• Usage & Attitude Studies
• Brand & Ad Tracking Study
• Customer Satisfaction study
• Central Location Test/Link study
• Static and Dynamic Car Clinics
• Mystery Shopping /Audit
• Observation Study
• Street Intercepts
• Social Research
• Exit Interviews