Qualitative Research Services:-

Qualitative research is an in-depth research methodology that entails a detailed research program, targeted upon extensive solutions, largely from unstructured data. Herein, attempt is at understanding critical aspects related to the inside reasoning behind a series of events. The researcher is not merely floating at surface, finding evidences from large numbers; rather in qualitative research, small groups of respondents are closely studied to gather a deeper understanding of the scenario.
This research methodology, owing to its format is highly flexible and the procedures are bifurcated into various categories. Qualitative research procedures most often adopted at HARD Market Research Services include focus group discussions, extended group discussions, in-depth interviews, ethnography, triads and dyads.

o Focus Group Discussion(FGD/MGD/EGD)
o In Depth Interviews
o Tele Depth Interviews
o Ethnography
o Online Focus Groups
o Online Bulletin Boards
o Web Based TDIs
o Home/Work Visit
o Shadowing
o Workshop
o Diaries